Xiamen Xinfengyuan Team Bonding During China’s Army Day

The tenet of Xiamen xinfengyuan is to hope that all employees can combine work with rest, and enrich their cultural and recreational life while working. This can not only improve the communication and understanding between employees, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, enhance the cohesion and teamwork spirit of the company, but also reflect the company's care for the majority of employees and further promote the construction of corporate culture. Therefore, on the occasion of the national army day, organize a two-day tour for employees.

Day 1 Activity 1: Buy captive fish and set them free. This is a normal practice for the Buddhism.

Day 1 Activity 2: Visit Vinegar Factory, learn and explore something outside our business range.

Day 2 Activity 1: We have went for hiking, at Yunhe Valley, Yongchun, Fujian.

Day 2 Activity 2: BBQ session to end our tour. 

In the evening, after a whole day's rush, people began to make the most anticipated meal of the tour. The food was fresh and natural, which was a gift of nature. It is worth mentioning that thsoe leaders also took this great opportunity to cook in person and prepared a delicious meal for the employees.

Let's look at the Xiamen XinFengyuan chairman, Mr Eric (the man in black on the right-hand bottom photo), who is so focus even though his sweat is slipping from his forehead. The leadership's example infected all the employees on the spot. In the future, we must roll up our sleeves and work harder!

Written by: Florence Huang 

Xiamen XinFengYuan Industry Co., Ltd


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