Congratulations to our company on the smooth delivery of the large order

Winter is coming, are you ready

If you are an enterprise, this year you may ask yourself again and again. What's wrong with the world? just relax. All of us had gone through these terrible things this year.


As we all know, Under the influence of the 2020 epidemic, the market situation was become more severe. Enterprises ushered in truly cold winter, with high freight costs and a drop in the dollar exchange rate. These have been threatening the survival of enterprises. Fortunately, we faced difficulties head-on. With the unremitting efforts of the Foreign Trade and Marketing Department, the company finally completed its full-year performance indicators in the second half of the year. This year's order volume has increased by 30%, especially for emerging Saudi Arabia. The Moroccan market is a potential market, paving the way for 2021 orders.

Sales have continued to grow, with a small peak in shipments around New Year's Day. When you walk into the workshop, you will hear the rumble of the machine's factory test, and the workers on the production line are busy. Due to the significant increase in production and order volume compared with the same period last year, the production line has been operating at full capacity, and the employees have processed orders on time with quality and quantity.



The improvement of orders and the satisfaction of customer needs are inseparable from the full assistance of various departments: the quality department actively coordinates and supervises to provide a strong guarantee for the quality of the finished product, the procurement department coordinates the timely arrival of various materials, and the technical department actively supports each production department.

Our company advantage:

1. Follow the customer first, build trust with customers, communicate in time, and inform customers of the current situation of the arrival of accessories, as well as the delivery time and delivery date.

2. Have stable suppliers, and some bus parts manufacturers are located all over the country. Visit when necessary to understand the availability.

3. Choose advantages. Long-term cooperative logistics companies take goods and choose more advantageous shipowners to ensure that customers are not affected by delays.

Thank you for your trust in the company. In the future, Xinfengyuan will continue to deepen its global strategic deployment, focus on key and core businesses, continue to carry out in-depth work, enhance core competitive advantages and improve capabilities so that you can deliver the required accessories without leaving home. Thank you!


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